Despre Noi Lilian Express

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Despre noi

 It's been over 17 years since we first started-off, with a single bus, operating routes between Athens and Bucharest.

 During this time, we have constantly upgraded our operations and services growing into a modern travel and transport enterprise. In response, the trust earned from our passengers has exceeded our every expectation.

 Currently, we are beginning construction of our first privately owned depot in Bucharest which will service and re-supply our fleet of buses and other vehicles. This fleet is increasing by an annual rate of 20% while we are exploring options for the development of a second modernized depot in Athens.


New buses are constantly acquired with emphasis in comfort and safety. Today, over 15 of our buses encompass the latest technologies in the transport industry. We take great care in the maintenance of our vehicles, servicing them on a regular basis in state-of-the-art technical centers and service stations which host experienced crews and specialists. Presently, our group comprises of over 60 employees.


The fast-paced travel and transport industry constitutes a unique challenge for us and is reflected in our efforts to keep up with all the latest technological and organizational developments. In effect, we are constantly setting new goals with special emphasis on the human elements of professionalism and integrity.


It is always one of our most immediate priorities to enhance our services and upgrade our infrastructure. We take pride in the low age average of our fleet and also the fact that each and every one of our buses is equipped with the finest safety features as well as an assortment of comfort features which include A/C - for every vehicle - ΤV, Video, refreshment bars and WC.